Profile of MD

RC Bentex group has witness profound growth and stability under the kind guidance and leadership of it’s founder Mr. R.L. Chopra. The group established in 1962 has seen immense amount of innovation and technological development. With his vision and honesty in his work ,
Mr. R.L. Chopra has led the organization to the height which has inspired others to follow. He is the founder of Bentex Group.

He is truly one of the most inspiring personalities of our times. He is the man of sheer hard work and excellence, rose from a humble beginning to a person who is an epitome to all his employees. He has given the organization the firm discipline with the elegance of close extended family in his employees. His formula behind the grand success is his constant determination towards quality manufacturing of his product. In the era of magnificent advertising and branding he has promoted his product only by providing enhanced quality and improvised technology with simplicity. RC Bentex today stands as a name in industrial and agriculture areas, trusted and relied over throughout the country.



Director's profile

Mr. Rishabh Chopra, Director of the company has given the new enthusiasm and redefined the work culture in the organization. He has joined the company in May 2012.Under the strong and nurturing leadership of his father Mr. R.L Chopra he has brought the perfect combination of principles, strict quality assurance and the new upcoming technological modernization. The organization has been keeping itself in pace with the fast changing technological aspects without compromising its vision and originality.

He has form the inherit link between the generational employees of the company. Mentoring them and on the same side developing them in a wide prospect of the professional fronts. This has given a new and fresh opportunities for the progress of every individual and as well as the company.